Frequently Asked Questions

When Will FantasticSwap Launch?

FantasticSwap will launch in tandem with the full EVM launch of Evmos, which is slated to be on March 2th, 2022.

Is FantasticSwap Safe?

We use contracts, with only some modification, from Sushi's GitHub repository, which have been audited and used by so many thirdparty individuals and institutions. We think these conctracts are quite safe, reflecting our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of security for the comfort of our users.

What is FANTA?

$FANTA is FantasticSwap's native token that is the main medium of exchange across our ecosystem of product offerings.

How Can I Stake FANTA?

Users can provide liquidity by staking their coins on FantasticSwap's farms and earn high APYs.

What is the Max Supply of FANTA?

The maximum supply of $FANTA would be 1,000 million, with an emission distribution period of 6 years starting from our launch date. FantasticSwap will be launched via a fair launch model, which is the fairest way of protocol launch and token distribution.

What are the Benefits of Yield Farming/Staking on FantasticSwap?

Since FantasticSwap will be launched via a fair launch model, users can be assured that token and rewards distribution is transparent and public. FantasticSwap's extensive product line ensures that users can utilize a variety of features and be rewarded across the board. Additionally, launching via a fair launch model ensures that there is no token allocation to private investors, thereby boosting potential rewards since there is a larger slice attributed to total emissions. This ensures that the APYs across FantasticSwap's farms, pools and vaults are relatively high.
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